Maximising Your Borrowing Power: A Guide for Every Homebuyer

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Navigating the path to property ownership or investment can seem daunting, especially when considering how much you can borrow. Well Money is dedicated to empowering clients to maximise their borrowing power, tailoring advice and solutions to your unique financial landscape. Here’s how we help borrowers from all walks of life: 

First Home Buyers

Young professionals often face the challenge of maximising borrowing capacity early in their careers. For first home buyers, we recommend:

  • Strengthening Creditworthiness: Maintain a clean credit history and a strong credit score. Regularly check your credit report for inaccuracies and take steps to correct them.
  • Debt Management: Focus on paying down existing debts. Consider consolidating debts to simplify payments and potentially reduce interest rates.
  • Income Maximisation: Seek ways to increase your income, such as asking for a raise, pursuing side hustles, or investing in professional development to advance in your career.
  • Guarantor Support: A guarantor can bolster your borrowing capacity, especially if you’re struggling to accumulate a substantial deposit.

The Wise Refinancer

Those looking to refinance can unlock significant borrowing power by:

  • Equity Utilisation: Assess the available equity in your home. Equity can be a powerful tool in refinancing or purchasing additional properties.
  • Debt-to-Income Ratio: Work towards lowering your debt-to-income ratio to appeal to lenders.
  • Optimising Financial Health: By leveraging tools such as offset accounts and regularly reviewing your mortgage health, the expert team at Well Money aim to secure a home loan that aligns with your financial goals. These tailored approaches not only reduce your repayments but also potentially expand your borrowing capacity for future investments or purchases.


The Property Investor

Investors must navigate the complex interplay of rental income, market conditions, and lending criteria.

  • Rental Income Optimisation: Ensure your investment properties are generating optimal rental income, as lenders consider this when assessing borrowing capacity.
  • Loan Structuring: Sophisticated loan structures can maximise tax effectiveness and borrowing power.
  • Lender Policy Knowledge: Stay informed about different lenders’ policies regarding investment properties to find the most favourable borrowing terms.

The Downsizer

Downsizers can enhance their borrowing power by:

  • Property Value Maximisation: If selling your current home, implement strategies to maximise its value before sale.
  • Cost of Living Assessment: Consider relocating to areas with a lower cost of living to extend retirement funds further.
  • Equity Release: Explore equity release options, such as reverse mortgages, while understanding the implications under Australian regulations.

Building Trust with Empathy and Expertise

We understand the emotional weight of financial decision-making. Our dedicated team provides empathetic support, ensuring you feel understood and guided through each step of your mortgage journey.

Explore Your Borrowing Power with Well Money today.

Reach out to us for a personalised consultation to explore your options and strategies tailored just for you.

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