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About Well Money

Meet the family

Welcome to Well Money, a home loan provider built from the ground up with Australian home owners in mind.

We’re a different kind of online lender and finance provider that treats you like part of our family, all while making sure we pass on the savings we find on to you.

Our products are powered by good old fashioned customer service being 100% family owned and operated. We’re not for gimmicks, not for specials or introductory rates. It’s about providing simple, affordable home loans all the time – for all Australians.

It’s as personal as online gets.

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How do we do it?

We’re not a traditional online lender. We’re a non-bank lender that just happens to live online. So that means some good old fashioned customer service is at the heart of what we do.

At Well, we want to bring back the simple and easy home loans that help people the most.

Well is direct to you

We cut out a lot of the hidden costs that are involved in the mortgage process. This means that we lend direct to you and ensure that you get the best rates we can offer.

Easy to understand

We believe in educating people about the biggest financial decision of their life. We make the home loan process as easy to understand as possible.


‘Pro packs’ full of features you didn’t want but had to ‘pay’ for in order to get a cheaper rate? Why can’t it just be simple & transparent if all you want is a home loan?

Life situations

No one goes out to buy a home loan. We get that. Who wants to buy a home loan? Our loans are meant to help you out in your current life situation. Low rates, tailored features and even 100% bank-backed offset accounts.

Experience you can trust

For over 40 years, our founders have been helping Australians achieve their goal of home ownership. During that time we’ve been helping the mortgage industry grow into what it is today. As times changed, we realised that home loans in Australia have become more complex than they need to be. With Well Money, our mission to provide the absolute best rates to our customers is made possible.

100% Independent

With so many mortgage companies being purchased by both banks and large overseas fund managers, Well is proud of the fact that we are 100% family owned and operated.

Pioneers of the mortgage industry in Australia

Our chairman has been involved in the mortgage industry since 1972. Take a look at how one of the most influential and highly respected names in the mortgage industry changed the way we get home loans in Australia.

An inductee into the hall of fame and life membership in the mortgage industry’s peak bodies, MFAA and FBAA, this industry veteran helped introduce the concept of securitisation into Australia, issuing one of the first RMBS before the now common phrase “non-bank” was even heard of.

Vernon Spencer

Scott Spencer CEO of Well Money

Scott Spencer


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Optus data breach: No Well Money systems have been compromised as a result of the Optus data breach. We take security very seriously and continue to monitor the situation.
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