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Last updated: 17th October 2022

There’s help if you need it.

Customers affected as a result of the current flood emergency throughout QLD and NSW are being offered financial relief. Our funding partner, Adelaide Bank has extended its assistance package in response to the current natural disaster which has seen homes lost and businesses impacted.

For affected customers, the key features of the Assistance Package include:

  • Home Loan customers can apply for relief on loans for up to three months;
  • No loan ‘break costs’ for customers with a fixed rate who use an insurance payment to pay out their loan;
  • Existing customers with home and contents insured through CGU Insurance can contact CGU on 13 24 80 to make a claim on their policy.

Who do I contact for help?

The best phone number to call is to call our funder directly as they have setup their Mortgage Help Centre specifically to help deal with this current disaster.

Contact details:

Call on 1800 650 258

Email: [email protected]

To apply for relief on home loans, contact the Mortgage Help Centre on 1800 650 258.

The people at the help centre will be able to advise you regarding financial hardship and applying for assistance.

What are some of my options?

The Mortgage Help Centre will be able to offer advice regarding the relief options if you’re experiencing hardship due to the disaster that may be in addition to the key features listed above.

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