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Refinance and save

Leaving your old lender?

It’s not you…it’s them.
Don’t worry, Well Money is here to make sure it’s not a messy break up and you you stay in full control. Our award winning mortgages have the kind of features you’d expect from a bank, with the super low rates from an online lender and the personal support you’d expect from a family run company.

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So you've decided you can do better

And so you should! A lot of people don’t review their home loans and can get stuck. A home loan that seemed great when you first started, can become not so great as your circumstances change. 

We get that life happens and everyone should be checking out whether a new home loan could be right for them. With a Well Money home loan, not only do we have great features, but we’ve also got super-low rates that could save you thousands!

Saving money

Refinancing your home loan can be one of the best cost-cutting measures you can take to help reduce your monthly repayments.

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If your existing lender can’t match our super low rates, maybe it’s time to experience a better kind of home loan.

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Get your personalised borrowing scenario before you commit to a home loan. Means we make sure we’re right for each other first.

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We don’t wait to reward you with lower rates. Our super-low home loan interest rates save you from day 1!

No unfair loyalty systems that make you wait before you get better rates, no pro-packs stuffed with features you don’t want but need to take. Our online home loans just have great features, at a great rate.

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Things to consider when refinancing

Now that you’re considering a change, Well Money might be the better option. Changing your home loan provider is often seen as a difficult and time consuming process. It doesn’t have to be and it can be well worth your while to review this every couple of years to make sure you’re getting a good rate.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help make sure that it’s not a messy break up and you stay in full control.

Decide why you want to leave your existing lender

Some of the more common scenarios that are perfect for you to refinance can include:

  • Finding a better rate to lessen your repayments (or keep them at your old level for faster payoff!).
  • To leverage some equity in your property.
  • Consolidate some other debts (within reason of course).
  • Access to more appropriate features for your stage of life.

Ensure you’re across the fees your old lender charges you

Most lenders will have a fee that is payable when you look to switch. So if you’re going to refinance with another lender, you will have to pay your current lender this fee.  This will usually be included in the payout figure that you get from your old lender.

Is LMI Payable when you switch?

Your old mortgage may have had an LMI premium which you paid. When you switch you may have to pay a new LMI premium – which is usually payable depending on your LVR. Whilst it may be capitalised into your new loan, it’s another fee that you may need to pay.

Are you currently on a fixed rate?

If you’re currently on a fixed rate home loan, then this could be quite costly to switch. Every lender will have provisions for what’s known as a “Fixed Rate Break Cost”. It will be in your current loan contract and is paid to the lender if your fixed-rate expiry date hasn’t occurred yet. It’s not a known cost and is quoted at the time you request it from your current lender.

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Home loans worth talking about

We started Well Money with a mission of keeping our rates as low as possible while ensuring that the service we provide to our customers is second to none.

The Well Money online home loan is an award-winning product that’s designed to be flexible. It comes with great features that you can choose if you need it, without sacrificing our super low rates.

Personalise your lending scenario now

Meet WellCheck. It’s our personalised borrowing scenario tool that takes 2 minutes to complete so you can get comfortable with some indicative numbers about your own situation.

Check rates, see your borrowing power and calculate repayments all from the one place. It’s free and we don’t run a credit check at this point either – so you might as well go for it!

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Work out your Maximum Borrowing potential and see how much your loan repayments might be.

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Seeing a headline rate is nice; a rate that’s personalised to you is nicer.

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Find the answers you need without having to go through a full application. WellCheck doesn’t impact your credit score at all!
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Why Well Money?

We’re not like other online lenders. We’re a non-bank lender that just happens to live online.

That that means some good old fashioned customer service is at the heart of what we do.

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Most other lenders have fairly rigid eligibility criteria and if you don’t fit the checkboxes, then you don’t fit the loan.

Getting pre-qualified with Well means there are no upfront credit reports and you can walk away with answers that you need.

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