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Finance calculators

Get the answers you need with our home loan calculators

Not quite sure where to start? That’s ok, we’ve got range of home loan calculators that help get you the answers you need, when you need them. Work out your home loan repayments, how much you can borrow and even compare your existing loan with a super low rate Well home loan.
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Compare your home loan

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Loan repayments

Not sure how much you’d need to pay each month on your loan? Let us do the number crunching for you and see what your loan repayments could be.

Stamp Duty

No matter which state you’re in, find out how much stamp duty you might need to pay.

How much can I save by refinancing

Compare your current loan with a new Well Money home loan and see how much you could save.

Key Fact Sheet

Cut through the marketing gimmicks and the unfair loyalty discount programs and get a Key Fact Sheet.  You can compare apples with apples and get the right answers.

Budget planner

Get a good feel for your financial overview.  Add up your income and expenses and see just what comes in and goes out each month.  Handy for when you’re applying for your loan too.