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Looking for award winning home loans?

A Well Money home loan is not your average online home loans. 

Ours are award winning and are designed to start with the best rate from day one, saving you as much as possible.

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Feature packed home loans

The Well Money home loan is our award-winning product.  With a super low rate and the kind of features you’d expect from a bank, this product is suited to those who are looking to have additional features without a higher interest rate.  Bank-backed 100% offset on all loans, even our fixed rate products make this product an award winner.

100% Bank backed offset

Convenient and simple way to start saving on your interest. Pop in your salary each month and use the Visa Debit card facility to access your funds. Now on Fixed rates too!

Free redraws

Once you’ve made enough additional repayment, you can get access to your funds to transfer out. Great for emergencies.

Pay it off sooner

Make additional repayments when you want to. Some limits do apply for fixed rate loans though.

Super low online rates

We don’t wait to reward you with lower rates. Our super-low interest rates save you from day 1! No gimmicks, no pro-packs stuffed with features you don’t want but need to take, no unfair loyalty systems. Just great features, at a great rate.

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FEATURED "Investor" home loan

Well Balanced


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Canstar best home loan lender award badge
Ratecity best variable home loan award for 2022
Mozo expert choice award for best offset home loan 2022
Finder best owner occupied fixed rate winner 2020
Money magazine best of the best 2021 best basic home loan award

Buying property?

No need to worry. We have dedicated Australian based home loan experts that can walk you through each step so that you feel confident in the home-buying process. Makes your online home loan experience a lot more personal. Plus, get access to educational tools and resources when you need them.
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Looking to refinance?

Leaving your current lender? No need to stress. We’re here to help make sure that it’s not a messy breakup and you get to stay in full control – and save on your repayments in the process!

Personalise your lending scenario now

Meet WellCheck. It’s our personalised borrowing scenario tool that takes 2 minutes to complete so you can get comfortable with some indicative numbers about your own situation. Check rates, see your borrowing power and calculate repayments all from the one place. It’s free and we don’t run a credit check at this point either – so you might as well go for it!

Start your WellCheck

Get personal at an open inspection or from the comfort of home.

Crunch some numbers

Work out your Maximum Borrowing potential and see how much your loan repayments might be.

Personalised rate

Seeing a headline rate is nice; a rate that’s personalised to you is nicer.

No upfront credit checks

Find the answers you need without having to go through a full application. WellCheck doesn’t impact your credit score at all!

Unlock more than just savings

We’re not like other online lenders. We’re a non-bank lender that just happens to live online.

That that means some good old fashioned customer service is at the heart of what we do.

Real people, real savings

Let's get started

Get pre-qualified today

Most other lenders have fairly rigid eligibility criteria and if you don’t fit the checkboxes, then you don’t fit the loan.

Getting pre-qualified with Well means there are no upfront credit reports and you can walk away with answers that you need.

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Experience the power of Knowledge.

Embark on your financial journey with WellHub, the Well Money Learning Centre. Discover expert tips, facts, and clever home loan strategies. Don’t miss out – dive into financial wisdom today!

Optus data breach: No Well Money systems have been compromised as a result of the Optus data breach. We take security very seriously and continue to monitor the situation.
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