4 fool-proof ways to keep on top of your credit card

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Credit cards can certainly make life easier – they are simple to use, accepted almost everywhere, and help you to buy what you want, when you want, particularly online. So much so that living close to the credit limit has become the norm for many people and spending can quickly get out of hand.

To make sure your credit card works in your best interests, use these tips to stay on top of your debt.

Routine is key

We all know how easy it is to let things get away from us. Just like that power bill sitting at the bottom of the stack of mail on the bench or “accidentally” bingeing an entire Netflix season while the laundry piles up, we tend to postpone boring, albeit important, tasks. Create a routine, though, and you’ll complete these jobs simply out of habit.

It can be as easy as setting a monthly reminder in your calendar to check that your credit card payments are up to date. Paying your credit card balance off in full each month too will help you avoid pesky interest fees. This handy tip will also help you avoid any late fees!

Make use of technology

If organisation skills are not your forte, why not take advantage of the many apps and services designed to help? ‘Mint’ is one of the many useful apps available that will organise your spending into categories, helping you ensure there is always cash to go towards your credit card repayments.

Making use of automatic payments in your banking app can also be helpful. Payments will be made on time and best of all, once set up, you don’t have to lift a finger!

Cash advances cost more

When money is tight, people are forced to use their cards for cash advances (withdrawing cash) instead of just purchasing goods and services… and in doing so, are paying a high price for the privilege.

Interest is charged immediately on a cash advance and at a higher rate than purchases. Even if you have an interest-free card, you will immediately start paying interest as soon as you withdraw cash using your card. If you must take cash off your card, repay it as quickly as possible.

Emergency funds will save the day!

You’ve probably heard about the importance of emergency funds, and with good reason! If we’ve learnt anything over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic it’s just how quickly things can change, particularly within our economy. So, whether it’s an increase in the cost of living or a rise in interest rates, it is vital to have a bit of spare cash handy.

A good place to start is with an emergency fund calculator. It will consider your income, savings, and living expenses, and provide an estimate of how much spare cash you should be saving for a rainy day.

Realistically, many of us couldn’t get by without our credit cards, but it is vital that we use them in a way that only provides a benefit to our lifestyle. The secret to credit card success — keep your spending responsible and pay the full balance off every month; otherwise, the only winners are the banks.

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