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How can I make my loan repayments?

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As with every home loan, there comes the time when you have to start making your repayments.  Each lender will have slightly different methods of allowing you to make your scheduled repayments, but making additional repayments can vary.

Making your scheduled repayments

Direct Debit is one of the most common ways that your loan repayments are made.  Your loan will have a scheduled amount that you have to pay each period (that could be monthly, weekly, fortnightly etc) and your lender will take this from your bank account.
The Direct Debit Authority form that you sign when you settle your loan, authorises the lender to take the money from the account that you specify.  If there’s not enough money in there, then you could be up for some penalty fees like a dishonour fee.
ALWAYS make sure you’ve got enough money in your account to pay for the minimum repayment that you have to make.

Paying more with additional repayments

Each lender will have different methods of allowing additional repayments.  The most common method is for you to ask the lender to take out a little bit extra when they run their direct debit.
You can also elect to pay some lenders by sending money into the bank account that the nominate for you.  This can be a way to make up missed repayments or make additional once off payments into your home loan account.
No matter which way you want to pay off your home loan, always check with your lender first so they can make sure that nothing will go wrong.

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